“The mountains are calling and I must go.” (John Muir)

Always having taken a lot of photos from my early youth on, I was ‘infected’ with glaciers and high alpine landscapes when I first saw (and photographed) the Pasterze glacier in Austria more than ten years ago. This epiphany set my direction as a photographer, and since then I almost exclusively focused on mountain landscapes and glaciers in the Austrian and Swiss alps. 
I am captivated by the size and beauty of the mountains, but also by all the man-made interventions in nature: roads, railway lines, dams, slopes, ski lifts. In my work, I strive to not only show the beauty of the mountain landscape, but also document the relationship between the mountain landscape with man.
Born 1973, Rostock, Germany
Diploma degree in electric engineering
Bachelor’s degree in communication design
Works as a user experience designer
Lives in Munich, Germany
"Menschen Berge"
LITVAI Galerie für Fotografie, Landshut ...
16. May - 14. June 2020
(Landshuter Zeitung)
schnellervorlauf GmbH Ingolstadt
August 2014

photoMünchen 2020 ONLINE ...
27. Nov - 31. Dec 2020
Jahresausstellung 8
LITVAI Galerie für Fotografie, Landshut ...
04. Sep - 17. Oct 2020
United Photo Press – 30 Years of Creative Artists
Casa da Cultura, Setubal, Portugal ...
17. - 30. Jan 2020
Kunstakademie Bad Reichenhall ...
19. - 22. Dec 2019
photoMünchen 2019 ...
15. - 17. Nov 2019
Jahresausstellung 7
LITVAI Galerie für Fotografie, Landshut ...
07. Sep - 05. Oct 2019
(Landshuter Zeitung)
United Photo Press – 28 Years of Creative Artists
LITVAI Galerie für Fotografie, Landshut ...
20. Jul - 10. Aug 2019
(Landshuter Zeitung)
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